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Unpack Your Bags and Let's Go!

Unpack Your Bags and Let's Go!

Often when I leave work or arrive at work, I’m often stupefied by how many bags I have with me. I usually carry a laptop bag, a lunch bag, a bag for files and books, my purse, a workout bag to change clothes after work, and sometimes a small bag with my “comfy” shoes. #TooMuch!

All of these bags make me feel prepared for the day, but in a situation where I have to move quickly, I regret having so many bags. I constantly think about what I can do to eliminate the amount of bags I have, and sometimes I’ll eliminate one, but I might replace it with one or two more. Smh.

I also think about the fact that sometimes I’ve carried too many figurative “bags” in my life. I’ve carried a bag of self-doubt, a bag of disappointment, a bag of embarrassment, and a bag of pity. Those bags function just like my physical “work” bags in that they slowed me down. Those bags slowed me down from receiving the blessings God had for me. You can’t carry around a bag of pity and be powerful at the same time. The same way you can’t carry around a bag of bitterness and be clothed in belief. The bag of vindictiveness doesn’t match the outfit of victory.

I’m sure you get the point. We can’t carry around all of our “bags” and still be able to walk freely and confidently into God’s blessings. Those bags greatly hinder our Christian walk. It may not seem easy, but we must unpack our “bags” to be free to receive God’s best for us.

If you have packed unforgiveness, unpack your bag.

If you have packed bitterness, unpack your bag.

If you have packed fear, unpack your bag.

If you have packed doubt, unpack your bag.

If you have packed anger, unpack your bag.

You can unpack all of your bags through prayer. If you will P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens, and allow God to heal and deliver you from all of the things that are not His best for your life, you will be able to walk freely into your blessings. So, unpack your bags, and let’s go!

I’m praying for you!

#Prayer #God #inspiration

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