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Pregnant With an Elephant!

Pregnant With an Elephant!

I once heard a story about an elephant and a dog. Both were pregnant, but then the dog had her puppies, and the elephant remained pregnant. Six months later the dog became pregnant again, and once again had more puppies while the elephant remained pregnant. This continued to be the pattern so much so that the dog finally asked the elephant, “Are you sure you’re pregnant?” The elephant responded so gracefully, “I’m pregnant with an elephant, not a puppy. When my baby hits the ground, the Earth will feel it.” Wow!

Sometimes our baby (our dreams) take much longer than we’d like to be born, but we have to realize that God has given us an elephant to give birth to and not a puppy. The puppy, although cute, cuddly and awesome creatures, represents something that is common. They are born in multiples, and their gestation period is short. When an elephant is pregnant, the gestation period is 22 months, and it is a single birth. Yep! That’s a long time, but it’s so worth it when that majestic creature is born.

That’s how we have to look at our dreams…as elephants. Our dreams aren’t common, so it may take a while to see them come to fruition. When we see others giving birth to something that may look like our dreams, we have to remember that we are still pregnant with our dream and it can’t be given to someone else. What God has for us is for us!

I believe that God tests us sometimes when it seems like everyone around us is prospering or just stumbling upon something that we’d like to have. I think God wants to see how we will handle it. Will we be jealous and non-supportive or will we be thankful that He is blessing others, supportive of them, and remember His promise to bless us? When we are thankful and supportive, I believe that we are passing the test, and our blessing is on the way.

I do realize it’s not easy to pass the test though. When we have been anxiously wanting to be pregnant (truly pregnant with a baby), and everyone around us is getting pregnant whether they want to or not, but yet, we continue to struggle, that’s when we have to really dig our heels in and focus on God’s promise to us. We can’t forget that we’re pregnant with an elephant, so it will take longer.

When we want to grow our business and all we see is everyone else making it big, we have to pass the test by praying for others to continue to succeed and again stay focused on God’s promise. Remember, we’re pregnant with an elephant.

If everyone around us is able to buy large homes and we’re still only able to afford an apartment, we have to pass the test, and remember that we’re pregnant with an elephant. When we get that beautiful home, it will be even more wonderful than we could have asked for.

Waiting on "Mr. Right" is not an exercise in futility. He will come along if we don't give in to "Mr. Right Now." Mr. Right is an elephant, so just be patient.

Being pregnant with an elephant is tough. It takes a long time and it’s uncomfortable, but just like the story, when our beautiful and extraordinary elephant is born, the world will feel it, and the time it took to birth will be well worth it.

Be encouraged!

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