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Enjoying Everyday Beauty

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” (Psalm 19:1, NIV)

Enjoying God's Beauty

In the times we live in, it’s not always easy to see the beauty in this world. I have to intentionally remind myself that the bad things I see on television, or in real life, aren’t all there is to life. Sometimes I like to sit on my patio and look at the trees and the nearby water and bask in the beauty of it all. God knew we’d get all kinds of horrible news reports that bombard us with nothing but evil, so He gave us some of the most beautiful natural images to erase the man-made ugliness of the world.

Think about the little bird chirping outside your window. Or, the calm breeze that you feel on a spring day. Think about the sun shining in just the right way to make the day look extra special. I think we have all had those Mondays that looked and felt like a Saturday for some reason. Those are all God’s way of giving us a little beauty to remind us that He is still with us, He still loves us, and He still cares about our needs.

God's beauty

When we see those beautiful sights, it’s hard not to pause and think, “God is so amazing!” He has designed everything so intricately beautiful that there’s no other explanation for its beauty other than God just having a good time.