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Do You Trust Him?

Trust in God

If you read the first installation of my P.U.S.H. story in the blog post, “Strength in Weariness,” I know you’ve been your way through since the last time we met. If you’d like to share your positive results, please comment below! But, remember, may take some time. It takes us time to find ourselves in colossal messes, and most often it takes time and consistency to get out of them.

If you are just joining us, below is the continuation of my P.U.S.H. story in a timeline format. Please go back to blog post “Strength in Weariness,” if you’d like to read the beginning of my P.U.S.H. story and understand what is all about. Then come back to us! If you’ve been here before, this continuation of my timeline is the doozy I was telling you about. The reason I feel it's important to tell this extremely personal story is because I hope to save someone time, energy, and stress by trusting God instead of trying to do it on your own. I did it my way, and well, you'll see what happened.

September 2014- February 2015 – Although unbelievably relaxing, acupuncture treatment does not help me. I finally end acupuncture treatments because I believe it was the cause of the imbalance anyway. No one could ever confirm that until years later. (Oh yeah, I suffered from imbalance and extreme fatigue for years until God sent a miracle. We’ll discuss that later.) The fibroids are growing larger and causing more quality of life problems. I am often fatigued and have to schedule most of my life’s activities around my period. I schedule yet another fibroid removal surgery (myomectomy) for March 2015. Because of my fatigue, my husband doesn’t understand nor care for my housek