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Pop-up Blocker for Negative Thoughts

Blocking Negative Thoughts

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. (Proverbs 4:23, NIV)

If you’ve ever been bombarded with ads while on the internet, you realize how important pop-up blockers are. Pop-ups are extremely intrusive and distracting and can take you away from the article you were trying to read online. I liken pop-ups to negative thoughts that we can sometimes allow to dance around in our minds, intrude on our lives, and distract us from God’s Purpose for us.

If we are to stay focused on God’s Purpose for our lives, we must not allow pop-ups, i.e, negative thoughts, to take control. Realistically, we will occasionally have negative thoughts to take up space in our minds, but we cannot allow them to take up residence. They must go! We have to use pop-up blockers for the negative thoughts that pop up in our minds.

Here are some things I believe can help us on our journey to block out negative thoughts that satan plants in our minds and focus on the thoughts that God would like for us to have.

#1. When we start to feel ourselves be negative and think negative thoughts about ourselves, we can read and study God's Word. I say study God's Word because sometimes just reading isn't enough. Even if it's just mulling over the same scripture over and over again and digesting what it means so that we can apply it effectively in our lives.

Here are a few scriptures that can help block negative thoughts when they "pop up."