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Summer Ideas for Kids & Teens

Summer Ideas for Kids and Teens

As we embark upon the summer months, many children are already on their much-awaited summer vacation while many other children will soon be exiting schools and entering Summer! As this happens, I’m reminded of the quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” During the school year, the “village,” i.e. schools, are definitely in full effect, but during the summer, not so much. Parents still need the help of the “village” during the summer, too. Even if it’s just babysitting for a friend or family member. Every little bit helps.

What we must also do as a village is make sure our children have fun during the summer months but still learn a little. As an educator, I know that brains definitely need a break, but they don’t need to totally vacate, wouldn't you agree? Also, you don’t want to hear the phrase, “Mom, or Dad, I’m bored,” a million times either, right? So, I’ve compiled a list of ideas and resources that may be of interest to you if you’re a parent or caregiver of children and young adults and want them to stay engaged, and learn a little this summer. I also have some great spiritual resources on the list to help your little, or not so little, loved one grow closer to God this summer! We have to remember to not only fill their minds, but also their souls.

  • The first resource on the list is a site called Education World. This site offers twenty-five activities that will keep children actively engaged while teaching them to explore the world around them and be creative. If you and your child like visiting or learning about National Parks, there is even a site on Education World that will help your child become a “Web Ranger.” How fun! There are other great activities on this site from building paper airplanes to making ice cream in a Ziplock bag. What would be great is if you find a local U-Pick farm and pick your own fresh berries to top your ice cream. Yum! Your child is sure to be filled with many days of boredom beating entertainment with this site.