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Keep Going!

Keep Going, No Matter What

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

(2 Chronicles 15:7, NIV)

At some point, I think most of us have said, “God if you don’t change something soon, I’m going to go crazy!” In our minds and in our hearts, we seem to be at our wit’s end, but that's when we must allow God to step in and give us a Holy Ghost burst of energy to keep pressing on towards the goal. When God delivers us out of that troubling situation, we often look back on it in amazement that we were even able to make it through with our mind still intact. We should be amazed, but not surprised though. God is always waiting for us to let go of our issues and give Him room to take over in a major way. We just have to keep believing. Keep pressing. Keep going!

Two ways to keep going in difficult times is to remember and be grateful for what God has already done and know in your heart that He will do it again. He has not left us in the past, and He will not leave us alone now. A gratitude journal is a great way to keep God’s faithfulness at the forefront of our minds so that we can be encouraged to keep going when situations seem too tough or even impossible.

It’s easy to keep running when you see the finish line in front of you, but it takes faith to keep running in the dark with no finish line in sight. Our charge as Christians is to have faith and keep our faith during difficult times. It may not be easy, but even the fact that you are reading this message says that you are willing to do it. Your willingness to keep going, no matter what coupled with God's Grace is what will push you over the finish line and on to victory.

Check out the YouTube video below for more inspiration to keep going, no matter what and always remember to P.U.S.H! (Pray Until Something Happens)

YouTube Video: Quitting is Not an Option Pt. 1 by Pastor Joyce Meyer

Gratitude Journals to help you Keep Going, No Matter What!

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