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Words Have Power

Watch Your Words

"Those who guard their mouths and their tongues keep themselves from calamity."

(Proverbs 21:23, NIV)

Because thoughts become things and because what we say can also become a reality, we must carefully watch our words.

I didn’t understand the seriousness of this Biblical principle until well into adulthood. By then, I had used so many pointless words, and said so many things that would not only not bear good fruit in my life, but would possibly bear rotten fruit in my life. If you know where I’m coming from, raise your hand.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a youth group today about my new book for teens and preteens entitled, You are Amazing, Remember That. This book is about using positive daily affirmations and speaking good things over your life. While I was speaking, I remembered that there are so many adults who still need to be reminded of that message because we don't always make the best use of our words, either. We have to always remember that WORDS HAVE POWER! Matter of fact, sometimes we, as adults, can be more negative than our younger selves because we've had more time to allow life to harden us and make us bitter. But since we are servants of God, we have no time for bitterness or negativity. In order to have a better life, we have to keep positive words on our tongues and positive thoughts in our heads.

Ephesians 6:12 (NIV) tells us, “Because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world…” This scripture is a reminder that we are in a constant battle to keep our thoughts, and our words in line with God says about us. The only effective way I’ve found to wrestle with those powers is to read God’s Word and use daily affirmations to keep positive words and thoughts at the forefront of our minds. When we continuously repeat God’s Word and say positive things about ourselves and others, we are in direct agreement with God, and through Christ, we can create the kind of life we want.

It’s just a matter of habit! If we can get in the habit of putting ourselves down, we can just as easily get in the habit of lifting ourselves up. God didn’t create us to speak words of discouragement or dismay about ourselves or others, so when we speak uplifting words that reflect God’s plan for our lives, we are pleasing God and fulfilling part of His Purpose for our lives. So, let's try it today! Let’s please God today by only saying words that edify, uplift, and inspire.

Share your comments below of ways you’ve used your words this week to edify, uplift or inspire. Until next time, keep (Praying Until Something Happens)

Watch Your Words

The positive affirmation resources below are for you and the teen or preteen in your life!

You are Amazing, Remember That (for teens and preteens) written by me!

I Declare by Joel Osteen

The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word by Joyce Meyer

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